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We are very fortunate to work with great people throughout the media industry. Some of them have told us they feel fortunate to be working with us too.

Here are some of the nice things that our clients have said about us.

Fox International Channels & National Geographic Channel

Craig Ellis, Creative Director

We have worked with Spark + Rumble for almost ten years, and Matt’s team are still impressing us and producing top-notch creative on a day to day basis. His engineers are friendly and professional - but above all passionate; no job is too small or tweak too much. Our creatives enjoy working with Spark + Rumble as they are brilliant collaborative workers who can always be trusted to deliver on the many short and long form projects we undertake. We have won many audio and sound design awards over the years and I see no reason why we will not win many more in the future thanks to the ongoing work of Matt’s outstanding team.

NBC Universal

Claire Coleman Bee, Production Manager - On Air UK

Spark + Rumble have provided us with a team of sound designers for over 3 years. Their service is impeccable - they are always enthusiastic and creative and consistently rise to any challenge we approach them with. We appreciate how flexible they are when it comes to our changing needs and demands.

Smoke & Mirrors

Sabrina Bonini, Audio Producer

On the rare occasions we need to use audio freelancers, we always use Spark + Rumble. Their very talented and experienced freelancers adapt quickly to any project and client, always coming for a visit before a session to check the kit and settings we work with, so everything always runs smoothly when they are here. Sammy and Matt are immensely helpful and will always try to allocate someone for your needs, even on a last minute call!


Alex Rawlins, Promo Producer

Spark + Rumble hosts an excellent team of sound engineers, delivering a consistently high level of service


Miranda Groenewegen, Production Coordinator

Spark + Rumble have provided us with many quality freelancers, who have now become favourites amongst our producers. They are also very helpful in a crisis situation, and have always helped me crew last minute sessions, or cover cancellations or illness. Keep up the good work!


John Rogerson, Managing Director

Spark + Rumble have helped Halo out on many occasions, usually at short notice, but they've provided capable and knowledgeable mixers who have always been very "can-do"

“We are more than

just a freelance sound

design service”

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