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Great sound design is not simply about recording voiceover, cleaning up dialogue, mixing sound effects, or editing music - it is about a relationship with the producer, understanding what they want for their promo, bringing to life their creative vision with great sound... the way they want it.

Our sound designers are people people. As you would expect from sound professionals, we listen. We understand and interpret ideas (and maybe try out a few of our own). We take what has been created in our producer's “minds-ear”, and we reproduce that sound through the speakers.

Our team has vast experience working in television, and has built such great relationships with our clients that together we regularly produce award winning work.

As a bonus, we are also pretty good at editing music and mixing sound effects.
Samantha Allen

Samantha Allen, General Manager

Sammy joined Spark + Rumble in March 2014 and in her time with us has revolutionised the way that we work. Sammy brings with her a wealth of senior management and scheduling expertise and the organisation skills that befit an expanding company. 

Her friendly and personable nature make her the perfect person to run the shop, being the first point of call for both clients and staff. She adds the 'sparkle' to the Spark.

Matt Ward

Matt Ward, MD, Senior Sound Designer & Dubbing Mixer

Since Spark + Rumble began in 2004, Matt has been busy working in post studios all over London. His experience ranges from promos and commercials to longform programs, resulting in a diverse mix of satisfied clients.

Matt's work for Hallmark was nominated for "Best Audio Design" at PromaxUK in 2009.

Matt is a professional and creative engineer who always brings ideas to the table, and is a pleasure to work with. Craig Ellis, Creative Director, National Geographic Channel

Joe Waters

Joe Waters, Sound Designer

After graduating with a BSc Hons in Music Technology, Joe started his career in audio as a runner, working his way up to sound designer. 

He is a valued member of the Spark + Rumble team, with 10 years experience in the industry, Joe is hard working, reliable and is a keen musician.

"Hard-working, easy-going, dedicated to delivering high-quality sound design. With a discerning ear and a good understanding of what’s required. Pleasure to work with.” Helen Morgan-Geary, Senior Producer, Fox International Channels

Eddie Robinson

Eddie Robinson, Trainee Sound Designer

Having recently graduated with a BA Hons in Contemporary Music Production. Eddie joins the Spark + Rumble team as a Trainee Sound Designer.

Starting his audio career with us, he is self-motivated and keen to learn. We believe he has what it takes to become a popular and successful sound designer.


Richard Manwaring

Richard Manwaring, Dubbing Mixer

Richard has had more than 40 years in the audio industry, with the last 18 being in TV post production. He spent 14 of those years at Sky, first as Senior Dubbing Mixer, and later in the role of Head of Audio Dubbing. He has vast experience and a fastidious working practice that you could only describe as “old-school”.

Richard also had a fascinating career as a music engineer through the 70s and 80s, and has worked with artists including Van Morrison, Talking Heads and OMD.

Cliff Rossiter

Cliff Rossiter, Sound Designer & Dubbing Mixer

With almost 30 years working in the audio industry, Cliff has vast experience and knowledge as a sound designer and mixer

He is popular and reliable with extensive experience working in long and short form television, commercials, documentaries as well as voice over directing, dialogue editing, music composition and 5.1 cinema mixing. 

Amongst his achievements, he was nominated at the 2014 BAFTA’s for best sound design for ‘Loyal’.

Neil Harrington

Neil Harrington, Sound Designer & Dubbing Mixer

Neil has over 30 years experience in the industry, he is an award winning, London based Sound Engineer. He is experienced in servicing the most demanding advertising, communication agencies and production companies producing commercials, content, podcasts, radio drama’s and documentaries etc.

Neil has extensive experience in recording, editing, mixing, voice direction, sound design and music production.

Scott Marshall

Scott Marshall, Sound Designer

With 12 years experience in audio post production, Scott is a very likeable and highly creative individual who enjoys working across all genres and discipline’s. He was the winner of the ‘Best Original, Custom made Sound Design’ at the Promax BDA European Awards for National Geographic. 

Scott also sound supervised and completed all audio post for the feature film ‘The Patrol’ which won the top award at Raindance film festival.

Rory Kyle

Rory Kyle, Dubbing Mixer & Sound Designer

Rory has worked in sound for over 20 years. He is self-motivated and passionate about his work, developing his skills as an award winning mixer at A+E networks UK. Rory has been recognised with awards from both the Promax International awarding body and The National Television Association of South Africa. 

Rory has worked across a variety of Live and Post operations for IMG and I have always found him to be highly professional as well as friendly and would have no issues in recommending him to others. Richard Bagnall  Head of Live Operations, IMG Studios

Anna Sulley

Anna Sulley, Sound Designer

With over 13 years experience in post production sound, Anna is diligent, creative, flexible and client-focused. She has proven experience across a wide range of DAWS and kit. Anna integrates well into any project environment, as well as being a talented sound designer, she also an accomplished dialogue and music editor, foley artist and recordist. 

Anna has provided many highly creative and detailed sound-scrapes for projects I have mixed over the years; it has made mixing a joy. She is a first class Sound Editor. Steve Cookman, Dubbing Mixer / Re-recording Mixer Freelance

Robin Hollings

Robin Hollings, Sound Designer & Dubbing Mixer

With over 20 years in the audio industry Robin has vast experience working in TV, radio and film, the number of feature film trailers, promos and TV commercials he has mixed are to numerous to list individually, but a few of the titles include; “Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes”, “How To Train Your Dragon 2”, “Noah”, “Hercules”, “In Fear”, “Philomena” and “Anchorman 2”, with promos for BT Sport and a 'Troy' featurette for E4.

Robin is our first call whenever we need an utterly professional and vastly experienced Audio Engineer. His skills, creative instincts and organisation are all exceptional. Nick Redfern, Head Of Production, PPC

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just a freelance sound

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